Why You Should Call a Water Damage Professional

You sit up in bed and put your feet directly in a puddle of water. This is no way to start a day. But, before you sigh and begin clean up on your own, consider the reasons you should trust the job to a company that offers water damage restoration in Ridgefield and the surrounding areas.

1. A pro brings the right equipment.

A wet dry vac and some towels are not enough to deal with the flooding and water damage from a burst pipe, overflowed sink or another issue in your home. Professional equipment is needed to extract water from under floors, behind cabinets and wherever else it may have intruded. Professional grade drying fans, extraction tools for water and more are needed.

2. A pro knows what to do.

You may clean up the visible water on your floor, but you may not be able to get to what has seeped down below. And, once mold has grown or hardwood has cupped, it may be too late to prevent serious damage and expensive repairs. By getting the water removed thoroughly the first time, professional water damage services can save you money and worry.

3. Flood water can be dangerous.

Water from certain sources, like the drain on your sink, your toilet and flood waters from outdoors can contain pathogens. Water that was fresh but that has been sitting undisturbed for days can also harbor dangerous mold or bacteria. By hiring someone who has the skill and equipment to deal with the issue, you can keep yourself and your family safe.

4. Water damage restoration can be a big job.

Depending on the source and severity of the flooding, extensive treatment may be necessary. We have the skill and manpower to remove and dispose of carpets, if needed, unobtrusively drill into walls to help remove hidden water and to test for moisture to ensure that what was there has been thoroughly removed.

5. You can be sure your home is properly protected.

When left unseen, water that makes its way behind cabinets, into floors and up walls can do serious damage to your home. Drywall can swell. Hardwood can warp and cup. Carpets can mold from underneath. By hiring someone to do the job, you can be safer. Most homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost.

No home or business owner wants to have to deal with the results of an indoor flood. By ensuring that you call people who can take care of the problem thoroughly and properly, you can be assured that your home will get back to normal quickly and that the structure of your home is protected.

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