The type of water that gets into your home, how much of it there is and how long it stays there all have an effect on the severity of your flooding. Worried about water clean up? These are the three main classes and categories of water damage:

Class 1: Mild Flooding

This is the least severe level of flooding and thus the easiest to clean up. This will usually involve only a shallow level of water. A Class 1 usually means just one room and surfaces that do not absorb water easily, such as concrete or hardened plywood.

Class 2: More Damage

This more severe type of damage involves at least one complete room. Water will wick up the walls a foot or more, which can lead to drywall damage. Often soft materials like wallpaper, carpeting and upholstered furniture are affected. The water in a Class 2 cannot just be mopped or vacuumed up; thorough drying is needed to ensure that there is no lingering moisture.

Class 3: Emergency Water Extraction

At this class, flood water can saturate the flooring and subfloors, as well as walls, insulation and ceilings. Emergency water extraction is needed to get moisture out before serious damage occurs.

Class 4: Deep Saturation

A Class 4 water clean-up is necessary when deep water has been left long enough that it will saturate materials that include hardwood, concrete and brick. Specialty drying equipment is necessary for complete removal.

The types of water involved in a spill are also important. These are the three main categories of water that can invade your home:

Clean Water – Category 1

A flood of water from a broken faucet, a leaky toilet tank or a water fountain is generally considered a Category 1 spill.

Grey Water – Category 2

Mildly contaminated water, like that from a clothes washer, dishwasher or sink drain is considered grey water or Category 2. This water is not necessarily grey in color.

Black Water – Category 3

Like grey water, black water is not a description of the color of the water. Instead, it is an indication that the water contains serious contaminants that can make you ill. Sewage, stagnant flood water and flooding from excessive rains are all considered black water.

Regardless of the source or severity, it is imperative to act quickly when water invades your home. We offer the emergency water clean up Newtown and the surrounding areas trust. Don’t hesitate to call so we can get your situation under control and get your property fully cleaned up and restored.

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