Protecting Your House Against Damage from Winter Storms

Winter storms can surprise us. To ensure that we get through them without serious damage to our homes, we need to take care of a few simple tasks. A few of the things you can do to protect your home from winter storm damage:

Trim Your Trees

Are there dead branches on your trees that could cause damage in a storm? Get them trimmed early to keep them from causing damage to your roof, walls and windows.

Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Throughout the year, the gutters on your home can get clogged with leaves, twigs and debris. When this happens, it keeps the gutters from doing their job and directing water away from your home. Get your gutters cleaned at least once a season to keep them effective. While this is often a job you can do yourself, be cautious when dealing with soft ground or second story roofs. It may be safer to have a professional come out to do the job safely.

Add Insulation to Your Roof

This doesn’t just allow you to use less power to heat your home. It can protect your roof from costly repairs. When heat leaks through the roof, it warms snow that gathers there. When the melted snow refreezes, it can cause damage to your roof. This can lead to problems that range from damaged shingles to leaks inside your home.

Prevent Leaking Pipes from Flooding Your Home

If you are expecting a freeze, run taps at a trickle to keep water moving. This can prevent your the water in your pipes from freezing and expanding. If you are going away for the holidays, drain your water systems first. This way, if there is a freeze while you are gone, you reduce the chances of coming back to a flood damaged home.

Replace Missing Siding and Roof Flashing

Do an inspection of your home before stormy weather comes. If you see that roofing flashing or siding are missing or damaged, have them replaced. If they are damaged and a storm comes, they can allow water to get inside your home. This can cause significant damage and is better prevented before it happens.

By going over these simple tasks, you can cut your chances of suffering damage in a winter storm. However, no matter how well prepared we are, sometimes there is no way we can prevent a storm from causing problems.

If you suffer storm damage to your home, we can help. Get in touch with us for the storm damage repair trusts. We’re available all year long to repair your home, prevent further damage and get you back to 100%.

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