We Flooded! Now What?

A flooded house is every homeowner’s nightmare. But, fast and smart action can help mitigate any issues. By acting quickly, you can avoid mold and other complications. Our step-by-step recommendation:
1. Turn off the water source if you are able to.
2. Turn off the breakers to the flooded area. Water and power don’t mix!
3. Call us for professional water damage restoration. Our equipment can remove water in ways that home equipment can’t.
4. If it is safe to go into the flooded area, remove any furniture. Wipe it down once it’s in a dry space.
5. Mop up whatever water you are able to.
6. Remove any electronics from the area. If they have gotten wet, do not attempt to turn them on until they have thoroughly dried.
7. Remove any books, paintings and valuables from the flooded room and allow them to dry.
8. Photograph or videotape all of the damage for insurance purposes. Make an inventory of all items that were damaged or destroyed. The more documentation you can provide, the stronger your claim will be. This can ensure that you are fully compensated and that your claim is handled quickly.
We are available around the clock, 365 days of the year to help with your water damage restoration needs. Our skilled techs can come out and provide a free assessment of the damage and advise you about what needs to be done.

We use best in class water removal and drying equipment to make sure that all water is removed from your premises. It is vital to use professional grade equipment, as home equipment may leave moisture behind. It only takes about 48 hours for mold to begin to grow, so time is of the essence.

If you have water in your home, there is no time to wait. Call us now. We’ll come out and see what needs to be done to get your property dry and clean.

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