Restoration Services

We help homeowners deal with a number of adverse situations. Contact us right away if you need help with:

Water Mitigation

If there is flood water in your home, it is important to address the problem as soon as you can. Burst pipes, backed up sewage and storm water can all quickly become a habitat for bacteria and mold. We perform full repair and restoration for homeowners to protect their valuable property.

Mold Remediation

No matter what kind of mold you have, it can destroy your possessions and impair your health. We perform thorough Mold Removal Services using the most up-to-date methods. Our process is environmentally safe and proven to be effective.

Fire Damage Recovery and Reconstruction

If you have been the victim of a fire, we can provide the services that will help you secure your property and bring your home back to its original state. We can help with fire restoration and cleaning, both off-site and on-site restoration, ozone cleaning of electronics and other services the cleanup and repair your home after a fire emergency.

Storm Damage Recovery and Reconstruction

The area is vulnerable to storms that can cause flooding, damage from falling trees and other issues with your home. We are available for emergency pack outs, securing your home and helping with clean up after the storm. If you have water in your home due to a storm, call right away for help.  Our repair services are standing by 24/7 to repair your damaged home.

Our owners bring over thirty years of experience to the table. If you have a problem from fire, flood, storm damage or need a mold removal company, get in touch right away. We offer a quick, detailed, free assessment and discuss your affordable options.  Contact New England Restoration today! (866)798-3646

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